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Words to use instead of travel - 25 aesthetic words from different origins not known to all!

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Heya to all my lovely hodophiles- WHAT?!, alright alright, I know "hodophiles" isn't exactly English but come on, we should learn something new everyday and well, I learnt this new term today and now I am putting it to use!

I am pretty sure that you are also pretty tired and bored with the monotonous use of the same old words like travel, traveler, nomad, ocean lover, thrill-seeker, saunterer and the list goes on, right?! If yes, then I am sure you might also want to find a single word to describe a feeling that otherwise takes you two or three lines to express and sometimes, others still don't get it!

Worry no more- my vocabulary instincts and my travel instincts got you! Both got to work together to compile a list of 25 aesthetic and unique words that are also real fun to pronounce since they come from different origins!

You'll love these words, I promise and come on, you gotta agree, this is a great way to improve your vocabulary, not a better source than the game 'password', haha, but still!

1. Scwellenangst

Pronunciation-> sh-well-aangst

This is my favorite word, maybe because of the way its spoken, “shh-well-aangst” haha! This beautiful word literally translates to “threshold-anxiety”! It means fear/ anxiety of entering a new threshold or phase in life!

2. Eleutheromainia

Say it right-> el-lu-thero-may-nia

I came across this word while I was reading the book “Elsewhere” by Rosita Boland (which btw is a must read for all the hodophiles-what?? Jump to the 4th word, you will know)!

Also known as eleutherophilia, eleutheromania means a mania or frantic zeal for freedom, in simpler words, it means an intense desire for freedom. It is also used in medical context to signify an irrational disorder which I think all of us have in some degrees, within us- a mad or irresistable cravibg for freedom!

3. Cockaigne

Pronunciation-> caw-caine (like cocaine but with caw and not co)

This old french language term translates to land of abundance or luxury, its more like utopia but with a more precise meaning.

4. Hodophile

Say it right-> hoe-doe-file

Its just another word for a passionate traveller/ wanderer! It means a love for travel, roads and roaming from one beautiful place to another!

5. Fernweh

Pronunciation-> fern-way-h

I don’t know how many of you have heard it but it’s a German word that means wanderlust.

The first chapter of this book I am currently reading (Elsewhere by Rosita Boland) is titled “Ferweh” and it’s all about Wanderlust.

It means a farsickness, the opposite of homesickness, or a longing for distant places. Anybody who wants to understand the complete and deep meaning of this word should definitely give this book a read.

There is another word “Heimweh”, which is also a German word and it translates to “Homesickness” in English.

6. Trouvaille

Say it right-> True-vaa-el

It means a valuable discovery or a lucky find! It is written is way very similar to the word “travel”.

7. Hygge

Pronunciation-> hue-guh

It is a Danish word used when acknowledging a feeling or moment, whether alone or with friends, at home or out, ordinary or extraordinary as cosy, charming or special. A quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being (regarded as a defining characteristic of Danish culture).

8. Quaquaversal

Say it right-> cu-ae-quaa-ver-sul

Going off in all directions from the centre. Dipping towards a center from all directions.

Travel towards an unknown centre!

9. Ecophobia

Pronunciation-> e-co-foe-b-ya

Ancint greek- “ECO”- Home and “PHOBIA” - Fear.

It means fear of one’s home. It also means a sense of powerlessness. Like you are powerless against nature.

10. Musafir

Say it right-> mu-sa-firr

Its a word in Persian, Urdu, Hindi and Arabic that means a guest or a traveller! Like a voyager.

11. Saudade

Pronunciation-> saa-oo-daad-uh

It is a recurring theme in Portuguese and Brazilian culture, art, literature and music.

It refers to a state of mind of meloncholy and nostalgia. A longing for something of some place.

12. Wabi-sabi

Say it right-> wah-bee-saa-bee

Don't confuse it with wasabi, lol!

In the Japanese tradition, wabi-sabi means impermanent, imperfect yet aesthetic and incomplete.

13. Flâneur

Pronunciation-> flaa-nuh-r(silent)

A wanderer who in too into exploring the things and people around. “Saunterer”, “stroller”, “ loafer” all translate to Flâneur which translates to a person who strolls around and observes the society.

14. Nefelibata

Say it right-> nay-fae-lee-baa-taa

This word is to describe who is living in her/his own dreamland or someone who lived in the clouds of their imagination.

15. Banjara

Say it right-> bun-jaa-rah

It a hindi word that refers to a nomad.

16. Kefi

Pronunciation-> kay-fee

Kefi accurately captures Greek culture!

The word roughly translates to: the spirit of joy, passion, euphoria, enthusiasm, exuberance, frenzy. It’s that overpowering emotion you have when you completely let go in the moment, release inhibitions, and allow yourself to joyfully feel the life pulsing through your body and soul.

17. Livsnjutare

Say it right-> live-sneh-hue-taa-ray

This swedish word means “an enjoyer or life” or a person who loves life deeply and is passionate about it.

18. Strumfrei

Pronunciation-> Shtom-fry

It literally translates to “storm-free”! The freedom of not being watched or the freedom of being alone or having a place to oneself!

19. Strikhedonia

Say it right-> stric- khe-doe-neea

The pleasure of being able to say “to hell with it”

20. Hiraeth

Pronunciation-> he-raa-eth

It is a Welsh word for a nostalgia or homesickness. An earnest longing or desire.

21. Gadabout

Say it right-> gad-about

A habitual pleasure seeker.

22. Volitant

Pronunciation-> wa-li-tuht

To be engangee or having a power of flight! Moving about.

23. Thalassophile

Say it right-> thala-so-feel

Someone who just love the sea, ocean!

24. Selcouth

Pronunciation-> cell-coo-th

Rare, unfamiliar and strange yet marvellous.

25. Smultronställe

Say it right-> smul-tron-stalleh

The literal meaning is “wild strawberry patch”, but the word is used to mean a special place that is close to your heart, that isn’t so easy for others to find, where you feel at ease and at one with the world.

OMG, this is like the most fun post I have created till now! I loved the part where i tried pronouncing theses words on my own and then saw their real pronunciation, hahah, let me tell you, these words are only classy when you know their correct accent/ diction!

I hope you have the same amount of laughs and knowledge, while reading this post, as I did while drafting it!

Have fun and I hope to hear these words when we chat now!

Much love!