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Where to shop in Bangkok?!- 6 Best places to shop in Bangkok, Thailand

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

This one is inspired by my "shopping instincts" and obviously by my trip to Bangkok, Thailand! haha!

You know how there is one particular thing about a place that fascinates you the most, well, for me, in case of Bangkok, it was the stunning, overly crowded yet satisfactory markets!

Who doesn't like shopping?! (Nobody will answer "ME!" to this......)

I am sure everybody loves it, I mean, when you purchase something, whether it's a cloth or cosmetics or some furniture or anything for that matter, big or small, don't you look forward to be wearing it/ using it?! Cause I do that, I totally lack patience in this case!

If you are a shopaholic or not an addict but you do enjoy shopping like a "normal" human (hah, who you kidding?!) and you have a flight scheduled for the capital of Thailand or even if Bangkok is a part of your bucket list and you still don't have a date, that's okay, you should definitely keep reading because in just one more minute, you will be able to explore the top 6 famed, quaint, dazzling and varied markets of Bangkok! And trust me , you wouldn't wanna miss visiting them yourself once you read about them!


Visiting hours

Friday 6pm-12pm

Saturday 9am-6pm

Sunday 9am-6pm

The Chatuchak weekend market, also known as the JJ (JatuJak) market, is the largest market in Asia. It has more than 15,000 stalls and 11,505 vendors, divided into 27 sections. It pleases you with delicious Thai street-food, aromatic essential oils, stunning accessories, dazzling lights and souvenirs and graceful clothing! The trendy music coming from the various stalls, as you pass through them, makes this market even more lively and spirited!

You will find everything here, from old Thai antiques, and souvenirs artistic handicrafts to trendy and fashionable clothes and accessories, oh and don't forget the mouth watering food!

The reason why I personally am a bit biased towards this market is that you can "bargain", "barter" or "negotiate the price"! The prices are already pretty much cheap and affordable but if you feel that your pick isn't really worth what the seller is asking then you can always negotiate! Also, a quick tip, the more Thai you know the better, just know some common Thai phrases and a few ones and twos and you will be good to go!


Visiting hours

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday 5am-9pm

Saturday 4am-7pm

Pratunam is the largest clothing market in Thailand. Unlike Chatuchak, Pratunam doesn't have many food stalls but it does have plenty of affordable clothing stores!

Imagine getting a pair of trendy sneakers or "luxe" sunglasses only for 30-50 bahts, sounds pretty, right?! You get all of the apparels at wholesale prices and well Pratunam has it all, shoes, dresses, formal evening gowns, winter suits, fancy wigs, sarongs, shorts, tees, shirts, you name it and they have it!

But again, you would have to haggle a bit to get the best price, so arm yourselves with Thai words like "thao rai?" translates to "how much?" and "Paang mak" meaning "very expensive".

The best time to visit Pratunam is to visit it early in the morning as the vendors have freshly laid out their stalls and plus they would be more cheery in the morning than they would be at later hours! Also, if you wanna escape too much crowd, visit just as the sun's up!


Visiting hours

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9am-8pm

Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday 8am-8pm

Platinum is actually a shopping mall. So, those of you who can't take the scorching heat outside and need a cooler mind when shopping, Platinum is the place for you guys! It is like you have the chatuchak market indoors! A wide range of clothing, accessories and handicrafts available at wholesale prices! LISTEN UP! Platinum is a concrete building with floors (mall) doesn't mean you can't haggle for the prices you desire, YOU CAN! Experience the street shopping in an air conditioned place!

This is one of the places from where my mom had to literally drag me out! lol!

cause come on, you get to shop from a variety of stuff. There is no sun right atop you. And no fixed prices!


Visiting hours

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 9am-6pm

Now since you are already aware of the world famous Chatuchak market, here is a surprise for you......... for all my gardening lovers and nature lovers...... There is a special flower market, at the same place as the Chatuchak weekend market, three days a week! It is packed with sprawling sheets of handicrafts, souvenirs and flowers! Here you can buy any kind of greenary, they have all kinds flowers from the ones you only witness in Disney princess movies to the ones as basic as a lily or a red rose! Not just flowers, you'll also find yourself being attracted by a number of trees, fruit trees, aquatic plants, orchids, ferns, pitcher plants, succulents, begonias.

All my photographers and gardeners this is "the" place for you with the ethereal plant variety and the abundance of co,our combinations! You won't be able to get enough of this place!


Visiting hours

7 days a week 6am-12pm

This the market for your the people who are into customized stuff! If you are one of those, who just loves customized shirts, t shirts and bracelets, then you cannot miss visiting this market! If you are planning to visit the Palladium mall during the day, might as well witness how the front of the shopping complex changes into a sparkling night market with a variety of street-food stalls!


Visiting hours

7 days a week 10am-8pm

The MBK Center, also known as the Mahboonkrong, is a huge shopping mall in Bangkok! This is the place where i picked up most of the essential oils and aromatic diffusers from! This is one of the best places to buy electronic items and accessories at a very cheap rate. It has also got one of the best food court's in Thailand. You can also buy affordable gear for your camera! Its not your regular mall, it is packed with people, half of them being tourists with abundant small stores and stalls!

Tempted to visit Bangkok?! Go book your flight and don't forget to shop at these places!

Much love!