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Italy bucket-list! What to do in the land of love and gelato!

"La vita è un viaggio. Chi viaggia vive due volte!"

Translates to.........

"Life is a voyage! Those who travel live twice!"


It's not just the land of Popes and painters but also a land of Polenta, Pasta, Tiramisu, Gelato, Medieval castles and ice-capped mountains, but most importantly, Italy is the land of love!

Italy is a part of almost every person's bucket-list cause who wouldn't wanna taste the yummy gelato and experience the warmth of the sun, shining upon the tiny yet irresistible towns of this mesmerizing South-Central European country!

And so.... I wanted to share my "Italy bucket-list" with you all!

We always keep in mind the main cities of Italy, like Rome, Florence, Milan, Venice, while we plan our Italy vacay, But there are so many small towns and villages we end up forgetting about, so, I have decided to create this extensive yet organized bucket-list or you can also call it a list of places to visit in Italy and the things that one should definitely do!

Here is a list of the towns and cities I'll be covering in this bucket-list-:

  • Portofino, Liguria

  • Alberobello,Puglia

  • Castelluccio, Umbria

  • Cefalù, Sicily

  • Pietrapertosa, Basilicata

  • Sorrento, Campania

  • Polignano a mare, Apulia

  • Taormina, Sicily

  • Praiano, Campania

  • Sperlonga, Lazio

  • Saluzzo, Piedmont

  • Vernazza, liguria

  • Belluno, Veneto

  • Monte isola, Lombardy

  • Collodi, Tuscany

  • Marzamemi, Sicily

  • Stilo, Calabria

  • Manarola, Cinque terre

  • Sovana, Tuscany

  • Atrani, Amalfi coast

  • Borghetto, veneto

  • St. Magdalena, Dolomites

  • Varenna, lake como

  • Rome, Lazio

  • Venice, Veneto

  • Florence, Tuscany

  • Milan, Lombardy

There are more than 140 cities and towns in Italy and we will cover most of the “must visits“ in this post!

This is gonna be the most extensive bucket-list I have ever created.... hahah......it’s gonna be fun!


Village Potofino is famous for its Pastel-colored houses and high-end boutiques.

Things you should engage yourselves in when in Portofino-:

  1. Get some peace and quiet in the church of St. George and Castello Brown (overlooking the coast), take a walk to the lighthouse among the lush vegetation.

  2. Visit the Brown castle

  3. Rent one of those wooden boats and go sailing, alone or with a sailor.

  4. Take a luxury shopping tour.

  5. Ride!!!! Enjoy a bike tour from Chiavari to Portofino.

  6. Visit the Cervara Abbey.


  8. A coffee or some wine at the “Piazzetta”.

  9. Visit an eco-farm and witness the terraced gardens of Portofino.

  10. All my beachy babies- Go get some tan at the Paraggi beach.

  11. Get a taste of the “trofie” pasta.

  12. Into diving?!- Dive in San Fruttuoso to see the Christ of the Abysses.


Alberobello is well-known for its Trulli, whitewashed stone huts with conical roofs. It also became a UNESCO World heritage due to these ethereal huts.

Things to do in Alberobello-:

  1. A must- Tour inside a traditional Trullo house.

  2. Enjoy a walk down the streets.

  3. Airbnb in a Trullo house- Stay the night.

  4. Taste the Pasticciotto... Mhmmmmm

  5. Food tour- Tour the various Trattorias.

  6. Cheese lovers- Make your own Mozarella.

  7. Enjoy the taste of the traditional Puglian cuisine.

  8. Go wine tasting in the Catina Albea Winery and museum.

  9. Take a cooking lesson at a Cesarina’s home.


It has a population of only 150 inhabitants and is situated in the Apennine mountains of Central Italy.

What to do in Castelluccio?!

  1. Discover the stunning glacial lake, Lake Pilato.

  2. Visit the Parish Church of San Pancrazio Martire.

  3. Pose for a picturesque click in this beautiful town.

  4. Have the famous gelato.


This coastal city is famed for its Norman Cathedral and its sandy beaches.

Stuff to do in Cefalù-:

  1. Visit the Norman Cathedral and discover its art and history.

  2. Tour of the Norman Castle.

  3. Fill your tummies in the Piazza Duomo.

  4. Visit La Rocca to get a panoramic view of the whole town.

  5. Explore the temple of Diana- Attain peace and calm.

  6. Adore the Museo Mandralisca.

  7. Witness the medieval laundart- Lavatoio.

  8. Sip on a cocktail in Piazza Garibaldi.

  9. Chill at the beach- Get a healthy tan and play in the water.

  10. Simply wander around the town and its streets, shop all your souvenirs.

  11. Visit the Giudecca reef.

  12. Admire the beauty of Santo Stefano- Church of Purgatory.

  13. Take a scenic road trip to Gibilmanna.


Pietrapertosa is a town in the province of Protenza.

Things to do when in this town-:

  1. Engage the thrilling Volo dell’Angelo - it means Flight of the angel.

  2. Explore the ruins and the views in Castello Saraceno.

  3. Get struck by the beauty of Madre di San Giacomo Church.

  4. Hike down to the Capereino Valley.

  5. Enjoy the breathtaking views of the mountains, valleys, forests, streams and all of the sparkling nature.


This lil coastal town is well-known for the spectacular water views and Piazza Tasso.

Must dos-:

  1. Shoot in the old town with pastel colored buildings.

  2. Go for a walk or just get beachy at these two harbors- Marina Grande and Marina Piccola.

  3. Visit the wonderful bell tower and the Duomo, Cathedral of Sorrento, and witness it’s dramatic altar.

  4. Fill in your bellies or just sip on an espresso at the Piazza Tasso.

  5. Enjoy a peaceful and a romantic sunset at the Bellevue Sirene.

  6. Take a tour of the Basilica of Sant’Antonino.

  7. Grab a bite at the charming Campanian restaurant, ‘O Parruchiano- recommended for dinner- has got a date night vibe.

  8. Have a hard time choosing one flavor out of 30 at the best known Gelato spot- Gelataria Davide.

  9. Shop- pick up some souvenirs!

  10. Explore the art and culture at the Correale di Terranova mueseum.

  11. Try the sweet lemon Liquer at the Limonoro.

  12. Frantoio Gargiulo- discover a traditional olive farm.

  13. Visit the wooden marquetry shop museum- Museo bottega della Tardia Lignea.

  14. Take a trip to the Amalfi coast- Try out the Pane Biscottato- cookie-baked bread. Sip on a wine in Positano. Visit the town of Amalfi. Head up to the Ravello. Relax at the beaches of Maiori. Visit the most authentic village of Cetara. Boat tour into the Grotta dello smeraldo cave. Visit the lush and gorgeous waterfalls of the Valle delle Ferriere.

  15. Visit the island of Capri- explore the vibrant nightlife, visit the famous blue cave Grotto and obviously soak in the sun at the beaches.

  16. Take a trip to Pompeii- Adore this beautiful archaeological site!


This town is known for for the beaches like the white-pebbled Lama Monachile.

What to do when in Polignano?!

  1. Shoot for your Instagram at Porto Bianco.

  2. See the Domenico Modugno statue.

  3. Bathe in the warm waters of Polignano a mare beach.

  4. Visit the Abbazia di San Vito.

  5. Indulge in some adventure and go cliff jumping/ cliff diving into the Adriatic sea.

  6. Wander around the old town- Centro Storico.

  7. Enjoy the sun, sand and the sea at the bay of Lama Monachile Cala porto.

  8. Who said you can only experience caves in Greece?! HAVE A MEAL (Dinner recommended) IN A CAVE.

  9. Ride in an Ape Calessino (three-wheeled taxis)

  10. Explore the Contemport art Museum- Pino Pascali.

  11. Sunbathe at the Cala Paura beach.

  12. The one you can’t forget- EAT GELATO!

  13. Wander among the poetic lines written on the steps and wall by “Guido, al Flaneur”.

  14. Grab a special coffee.


This town is situated near Mount Etna, which is an active volcano and its famous for the Teatro Antico di Taormina, an ancient Greek-Roman theater.

How to keep yourselves busy in Taormina?!

  1. Wander through the Corso Umberto aka Sicilian Saint Tropez.(at night)

  2. Explore the teatro Greco.

  3. Take a trip to the Isola Bella (Beautiful Island)

  4. Meander through the gradens of Villa Comunale.

  5. Sip on a cocktail in Morgana.

  6. Visit the Piazza del Duomo.

  7. Grab a granita at Bambar.

  8. Watch the sunset from Piazza IX Aprile.

  9. Discover the Palazzo Corvaja orari.

  10. Take a short taxi ride to Castelmola.

  11. Spend a day at the Alcantara Gorge- Enjoy the cool breeze at the riverside.

  12. Sit or meander through the lovely public gardens.


This is a town at the Amalfi coast and is one of the main tourist spots.

Praiano bucket-list-:

  1. Admire the paintings and the tiled dome at Parrocchia Di San Gennaro. And if you visit during the Annual festival of San Domenico, bless your eyes with the sparkling fireworks and light-shows.

  2. Get a view of the Tyrrhenian sea from the Torre a Mare.

  3. Spend some Euros or the Italian lira at Keramos Edone, La Bacheca and Lizart ceramiche.

  4. Chill out at the Marina di praia beach.

  5. Just ride along the Amalfi coast....

  6. Experience the Amalfi nightlife at the Africana Famous club.

  7. Grab your favorite fish at Da Armandino.

  8. Climb down 300 steps to reach the Spiaggia Della Gavitelli beach.

  9. Stroll till the Torre di Grado.

  10. Dine with the sea view at Costa diva.

  11. Watch the stunning stalgamites in the Grotta do Suppraiano.


Sperlonga is a coastal town about half way between Rome and Naples. It is famed for the ancient Roman sea, Grotto.

Plan your trip-:

  1. Discover the ancient sculptures at Museo Archeologico di Sperlonga e villa di Tiberio.

  2. Fill up your tummies with a gelato or a special coffee at the Pasticceria Gelateria Fiorelli.

  3. Pick up a sunbed and GET TANNED at the Siaggia dell’Angolo.

  4. Play with the sans or visit a night club at Spiaggia di Sperlonga.

  5. Wander in the streets of Sopra Sperlonga aka Old town.

  6. Visit Giu Sperlonga (the lower town).

  7. Discover the Torre Truglia and the boat harbor.

  8. Try out the Tuna Tartares and Carpaccios at Altrò.

  9. Savor a fresh fish at the terrace of Gli Archi.

  10. Take a trip to Caves of Pastena in the Lazio region.

  11. Spend a day in peace at Roccia dei Falchi, Sperlonga.

  12. Explore the beach Mermaid’s bay.


Saluzzo is a town built on a hill over-looking the vast plain. You just need 2 days to explore this town.

Things to do and see in Saluzzo-:

  1. Get in the royal feels at Castiglia Di Saluzzo.

  2. Go wine tasting at Cascina Melognis.

  3. Try a Piedmontese dish at Le quattro Stagioni.

  4. Click click click at Torre Civica.

  5. Stroll in the garden of Botaanico di villa Bricherasio.


A 5-CENTURIES OLD TOWN?!!!!! Vernazza is famed for its colored houses and buildings. It has a population of less than 900 inhabitants.

What to do in this Ancient village?!

  1. Take a refreshing swim in the cool waters of Vernazza beach.

  2. Try out and buy some of the most alluring fragrances at the tiny shop of Gocce di Byron.

  3. Visit Cinque terre’s only natural harbor- Vernazza harbour.

  4. Explore how Doria castle helped guard the city from pirates.

  5. Discover the vineyards at this luxurious Sanctuary of Madonna di Reggio.

  6. Pick up a Sciacchetra (famous sweet wine) at one of the “Enoteca” aka small wine shops.

  7. Get clicked in front of the colorful houses.

  8. Visit the common meeting place for the people of Vernazza- Piazza Marconi.

  9. Private tour to Cinque Terre and Pisa.

  10. Visit the church of Santa Margheritad’Antiochia.

  11. Try out the grilled rock octopus at Gambero Rosso.

  12. Explore the lust paintings by Antonio Greco at the Bottega d’Arte.

  13. Stop for a quick Pizza break at Batti Batti.

  14. Dine at Belforte.

  15. Go hiking and enjoy the scenic beauty of Sentiero Monterossi trail.

  16. Again, GELATO AT GELATERIA DAL 1968.

  17. Get a glimpse of the mysterious Guvano beach.


Belluno is a very important town in the Eastern Dolomites region. Veneto is often said to be the “Republic of Music”.

Things you can’t afford to miss in Belluno-:

  1. Get artistic and explore the interesting artworks at Museo Civico di palazzo Fulcis.

  2. Catch a glimpse of the Italian bell tower at Campanile di Belluno.

  3. LISTEN. Hear the folk-songs being sung by the gondoliers.

  4. Be a thrill-seeker. Hike the Dolomite. Go for alpine skiing, Nordic skiing, hiking, snowshoe racing, snowboarding....

  5. Visit the rich Cathedral- Basilica Cattedrale di San Martini.

  6. Roam around the Piazza dei Martiri.

  7. Try out the seasonal menu at Ristorante Terracotta.

  8. Admire the beauty of Fontana di San Giota.

  9. Visit the San Rocco church.

  10. Adore the stunning church of Santo Stefano Belluno.

  11. Grab a gelato at a gelateria- a must.


Monte Isola is a town and a commune in the province of Brescia. You don’t need more than a day to get to know this mesmerizing town.

Plan your day in Monte Isola-:

  1. Go wine tasting in Franciacorta. Try out the rare Italian wines and maybe get some home.

  2. Listen to the Love stories of Monte Isola.

  3. Have a lil picnic by lake Iseo.

  4. Grab a meal at Residenza Vittoria Ristorante.

  5. Try out the local dishes at Locanda al lago.

  6. Go horse-riding in the hills.


Collodi is a charming hamlet in the Tuscany region. It is a medieval village and you, again, need only a day to explore Collodi.

To do list for Collodi-:

  1. Visit the part of your childhood dreams- The Pinocchio park.

  2. Go to the beautiful Butterfly house and the Villa Garzoni Garden.

  3. Take a traditional cooking class.

  4. Stroll through the narrow streets to reach Chiesa di San Bartolomeo.

  5. Wander around Villa Garzoni.


Marzamemi is yet another one of the Italian hamlets and you just need half a day to enjoy this beautiful lil municipality.

What to do?!

  1. Relax at the Marzamemi beach.

  2. Visit the Tonnara di Marzamemi.

  3. Get a glimpse of the Vendicari Reserve.

  4. Roam around Centro Storico.

  5. Sip on your fav drink at Bar Cialoma.

  6. Explore the marvellous architecture of Palazzo Villadorata.

  7. Witness the nightlife at Suruq.


Stilo is a beautiful Byzantine town famed for its gothic architecture. It is one of the most fascinating places in the region of Calabria.

How to spend your days in Stilo?!

  1. Take a trip to the famous Byzantine church and explore its art and history- Cattolica di Stilo.

  2. Feel Royal at the Castle of Stilo.

  3. Bath at the Cascata del Marmarico. (Waterfall)

  4. Attain some calm and peace at the Monastery San Giovanni Theristis.

  5. Chill by the riverside of river Stilaro.

  6. Get stunned by the art in the museum Bagni di Guida.

  7. Take a tour of the Cirò wine cellar.

  8. Take an excursion trip in Raganello Canyon.

  9. Go sailing in Vibo Valentia.

  10. Rejuvenate at the white sand beach at Tropea.


Manarola is a tiny town in the bask of Cinque terre. It is the second smallest town here with a population of 353.

Where to go, what to do and where to eat?!

  1. Get a panoramic view of the town of Manarola from the Harbor.

  2. Visit the bell tower and the church of San Lorenzo.

  3. Slurp on your fav cocktail or wine at the leafy terrace of Nessun Dorma.

  4. Get your photography skills right. Take some amazing shots in this town.

  5. Enjoy a walk to the vineyards.

  6. Want some peace?! Go to the uncrowded Groppo river and relax.

  7. See the olive trees at Volastra.

  8. Get a meal at Cappun Magru.

  9. Get a nice view and lovely insta-worthy photos at Punta Bonfiglio.

  10. Go trekking in Cinque terre.

  11. Discover the art and craft at L’emporio.

  12. Try having all the flavors of gelato at Gelateria 5 Terre. (Kidding, just grab your fav flavor)

  13. Dine at Da Aristide.

  14. Sunset at Punta Bonfiglio.

  15. Try out as many cafés (Focaccerias) as you can.

  16. Visit the castle.


Sovana is a golden stone hill town with a unique geology. There are tremendous beautiful hotspring spread across the entire town.

Engage yourself with these activities when in Sovana-:

  1. Listen to some mellow jazz along with a glass of wine at Vino al Vino at the main street.

  2. Discover the medieval architecture at the town’s central square, Piazza del Pretorio.

  3. Witness the stunning Gothic-Romanesque cathedral of San Pierto.

  4. Explore the history of this town at Parco Archeologico Citta del Tufo.

  5. Sip on new and rare Italian wines at La Biagiola winery.

  6. Pray at the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore.

  7. Try out a local traditional dish at La Tavernetta.

  8. Learn about the discovery made by St. Mamiliano in the 5th Century, at Museo di Sam Mamiliano.

  9. Take a picture of an Etruscan Tomb at Necropoli di Sovana.

  10. Stroll around the Centro Storico.

  11. Visit Via cava.


Atrani is the smallest hamlet in all of Italy! It is one of the most Authentic places in Italy, so don’t expect the Modern glamour and glitz here! All you’ll find here is churches and caves, along with some adventure. It is located east of Amalfi coast, several minutes drive down from the Amalfi Coast.

How to spend your days in Atrani-:

  1. Offer your prayers at the church of San Salvatore de Birecto.

  2. Go trekking on the Amalfi coast.

  3. See the famous Masaniello cave.

  4. Hike to the Collegiate church of Santa Maria Maddalena.

  5. Go to the cave of saints.

  6. Make an announcement (hahah) and enjoy the view from the Torre del Bando (tower o afnnouncement).

  7. Sip on “limoncello” and “nicono” in a famous bar.

  8. Eat “Scialatelli” and “laganelle” -local pasta.

  9. Spend the evening watching the sunset and beautiful lighting at the tiny Atrani beach.

  10. Take a private boat tour.

  11. Visit Piazzetta Umberto I.

  12. Can’t get enough of Churches- Visit Chiesa della Madonna del Carmine.

  13. Grab a gelato at Gelateria artigianale Marco ed Elisa.

  14. Shop at La Bottega dei Sogni.

  15. Meander through soothing Vicoli, scale e archi.


Borghetto is believed to be the prettiest lil village in the country. It’s like the village in those bedtime tales or a fairy tale. It has got that petit and cute look.

Where to go when in Borghetto?!

  1. Enjoy a meal at a lakeside restaurant at Lake Garda.

  2. Click some pics at Lake Garda.

  3. Try out the Tortellini pasta Or the “Nodo d’Amore”.

  4. Relax by the river Mincio.

  5. Take a nature walk upto the Scaligero Castle.

  6. Wander along the Visconti Bridge.

  7. Get on a bike and ride to Peschiera-del-Garda or to Mantua.


Known to be one of the most attractive and alluring mountains, Dolomites is a must visit. It is also know as “pale mountains”. If you wanna get the best of panoramic views, Dolomites is the place for you.

What to do?! (There isn’t much to do here except enjoy nature and relax)

  1. Paint a nice scenery.

  2. Watch the sunset and take pics.

  3. Enjoy the spectacular views.

  4. Go trekking.

  5. Hike inside the nature park Puez-Odle.

  6. Visit the famous Lago di Braises.


Varenna is the most photogenic and insta-friendly place in Italy. It is the most typical and quite town. It has got pretty Gardens and old Castles just like most of your princess tales.

Engage yourself when in Varenna!

  1. Visit the Church of San Giorgio And Riva Grande in the town’s center.

  2. Gaze over Lake como from Castelli di Vezio.

  3. Discover the history and art in the museum at Villa Monastero.

  4. Feel Royal at Villa Cipressi.

  5. Laze around near the shortest river, river Fiumelatte.

  6. Take a lil break at Varenna Caffè Bistrot.

  7. Get a charming view of the villas in Varenna from the Chiesa di San Giovanni Battista.

  8. Take a “lover’s walk” on the Passegiata degli Innamorati.

  9. Enjoy a ferry ride to Bellagio or Mennagio.

  10. Hike the Sentiero del Viandante (path of a wayfarer).

  11. Take a motoboat ride around Lake como and try spotting George Clooney.🤣 lol.

  12. Experience a summertime Lake festival.

  13. Eat the Italian cuisine at II Cavatappi.

  14. Relax at the beach of Lido di Varenna-Perledo.


Rome is the capital of Italy as well as of the Lazio region of Italy.

Things to do in the capital (this is gonna be never-ending) -:

  1. Obviously, the Colosseum.

  2. Visit St. Peters Square and basilica.

  3. Get some photos around Fontana de trevi.

  4. Catch a glimpse of the Pantheon.

  5. Explore the Vatican museums and the Sistine chapel.

  6. Walk inside the Santo Stefani Rotondo.

  7. Look at the ruins of baths of Caracalla.

  8. Meander along the Appia Antica.

  9. Dive into the History at the Roman forum.

  10. Stroll through the Borghese gallery and gardens.

  11. Walk down the Spanish steps.

  12. Get yourself clicked at Piazza Navona.

  13. Discover the Palatine hills.

  14. Look at the baths of Diocletian National museum.

  15. Witness the Trastevere.

  16. Pray at the church of San Luigi dei Francesi.

  17. See the Museo Capitolini.

  18. Take a cooking lesson in Rome.

  19. Watch the Altar of the Fatherland.

  20. Stroll along the Saint Angelo bridge at night.

  21. Explore the Quirinale palace.

  22. Experience the cheer at the lively Piazza del Popolo.

  23. Adore the arch of Constantine.

  24. Walk through the Piazza del Venezi.


Venice is the capital of the Veneto region. It is built on more than 100 small islands in a lagoon in the Adriatic sea.

Things to do and see in Venice-:

  1. Visit the most renowned building- St. Mark’s Basilica and St. Mark’s Square.

  2. Climb up the Campanile di San Marco.

  3. Get a charming view of the city from the Rialto bridge.

  4. Wander around and get lost in Venice.

  5. Take a Gondola ride.

  6. Test your photography skills at the Grand canal.

  7. Book a show at Teatro la Venice.

  8. Visit the Bridge of Sighs.

  9. Get an ethereal look of the Palazzo Ducale.

  10. Relish the Venetian cuisine.

  11. Go shopping around Venice.

  12. Visit the museums to explore the art, culture and history.

  13. Eat, drink and chat with the locals.


Florence is the capital of the Tuscany region. It is famous for it’s renaissance art and architecture.

What to do when in Florence?!

  1. Go to the Florence Cathedral.

  2. Climb up Giotto’s Campanile.

  3. Stroll around Palazzo Vecchio.

  4. Visit the old and famous Ponte Vecchio.

  5. Explore the Basilica of Santa Croce.

  6. Visit the Baptistery of St. John.

  7. Take a tour of the Uffizu palace and the gallery.

  8. Go around the Piazza della signoria and Loggia de’Lanzi.

  9. Smell and touch the most fresh products at the San Lorenzo market.

  10. Read and learn at the Biblioteca delle Oblate.

  11. Get a panoramic view of Florence from the Piazzale Michelangelo.

  12. Visit the Piazza Santo Spirito.

  13. Meander through the Giardino Bardini.

  14. Try out Gelato at Vivoli Gelato.

  15. Take a quick coffee break at caffè Gilli.

  16. Experience the Tuscan country life at Fiesole hills.

  17. Discover the art at Museo Stibbert.

  18. Chill in the cool breeze from Arno river.

  19. Explore the Cappelle Medicee.

  20. Go and witness the Galleria dell’Accademia.


Milan is the global capital of fashion and design and is situated in the Lombardy region of Italy! It is renowned for its high-end shops and restaurants.

How to keep yourselves busy when at Milan?!

  1. Admire the Milan Cathedral.

  2. Visit the church of Santa Maria Delle Grazie.

  3. Begin a day at the Piazza del Duomo.

  4. Shop at Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.

  5. Adore the Sforza Castle.

  6. Explore the Brera district.

  7. Try out the Milanese Risotto.

  8. Grab a drink at Peck.

  9. Visit Sant Ambrogio.

  10. Explore the Leonardo Da Vinci National museum.

  11. Wander around Piazza dei Mercanti.

  12. Watch a show at the Scala opera.

  13. Stroll down the Naviglio Grande.

  14. Get a stunning view from Torre Branca.

  15. Grab some snacks at Deseo.

  16. Dine at Terrazza Gallia.


OMG, I bet you can’t put a tick against all these “to do’s” with just one trip to the land of love and gelato!!!! It was so fun and my heart was filled with wanderlust while creating this super-extensive bucket-list to Italy!

I hope its super fun and touristy to try out all this stuff and if you have already been to Italy, how many of these things have you already done and experienced?!! And how was it to engage in these activities and explore this alluring country?!

Let me know in the comments!

Much love!!

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