• Vanshika

8 best cafés in Delhi! They offer Gluten free and Vegan options too! [#5 is heaven for Celiacs (Gf)]

Ever struggle to find a cafe or a restaurant that promises to soothe your mind & soul as well as satisfy your taste buds?!

Finding a perfect match that amuses both your spirit and your palate is quite a task, especially for people like me ( being a celiac adds up to it :p). Different things charm different people.

In terms of the place one chooses to eat at, there are many things people tend to keep in mind before they hit the “reserve a table” button on Zomato/Dineout. For some, its the ambience of the place and for others, its the availability of a variety of cuisines, the food staging and the menu.

For me, its all of it. But my most important concern, while I choose a place to dine or even to just simply spend a relaxing eve with my friends while munching on something that delights my tongue, is the availability of a Gluten free course.

Whenever I am the one who is given the task of picking the place to eat, which is more often than not, I tend to read the reviews, skim through the menu (more like search for GF options XD) and seek some aesthetic quality in the ambience.

If you are anything like me, then I must tell you to keep on reading further because, below I have listed 8 cafes and restaurants in Delhi, along with their approx. costs for two and the cuisines they serve.

I promise to guarantee you that you’ll return home lively and satisfied after a tiny date (with anyone, including a date with yourself :*) at these places.


📍10/48, Malcha Marg Shopping Complex

Chanakyapuri, New Delhi-110021

Those who know me know that this is my all time favorite place. Whenever you'll ask me where to meet up for a brunch, dinner or even to just sit and relax, the first place I'll always suggest will be Amour Bistro.

There are three reasons for me being obsessed with this place.

One, it is located in Malcha Marg, which I find to be a really peaceful area, number two, It serves the best Gluten free Basil pesto pasta (yummmmm) and lastly, the décor of this eatery is absolutely heavenly. It is tiny yet really charming.

There is nothing more satisfying than to perch here and sip on your favorite Sangria whilst enjoying the sumptuous course served to you.

Oh and did I forget to mention that they serve the best Tiramisu ever! One that has the perfect amount of coffee essence to it and completely melts in your mouth.

If you are in Delhi at the moment, you should definitely plan to dine here soon!

My favorites: Sangria Rosso and Za'tar winglet

Cost for two: ₹800 (approx.) without alcohol

Cuisines: Continental, Italian, Lebanese, European

Menu: Click here!


📍Karma Lakelands, NH 8, Sector 80

Near Sector 83, Gurgaon

If you are looking for a venue that will be in consonance with your checklist for a perfect place to chill out, then you should definitely take a look at Under the Neem.

It is located inside the Karma chalets property and you can also book one of their chalets to spend a lovely weekend away yet so near to home.

I suggest all the health conscious ones to consider this place next time they wanna dine out because at Under the Neem, they follow a farm-to-plate concept, meaning they use all the real and chemical-free ingredients in their meal preparations.

You can even take a lil tour of their fresh vegetable farm while your food is getting prepped.

I, personally, loved the vibe of this gorgeous little inn adorned with bewitching and colorful flowers and greens.

Good news for all my dog lovers! This place is a boon for all the dog mums and dog dads cause it welcomes pets (dogs) into its premises and also has a separate dog menu! So grab your furry friend and drive upto the Karma lakelands.

Reserve a table with dine out here to get a 10% off the total bill!

My favorites: In 80 days..... Moscow

Cost for two: ₹600 (approx.)

Cuisines: Continental, Italian, North Indian

Menu: Click here


📍97, Sector 13,Dwarka

Delhi, 110075

Are you a book worm?! Do you like to have something to read while you sit and wait for your food to be served?!

Visit this tiny book café to enjoy skimming through one of your favorite novels while savoring delicious flavors.

Café Di Milano is a dinky café with an enchanting courtyard, perfect for some stunning shots for your Instagram page.

It has a lovely décor and serves toothsome Chinese! Don't forget to try out their Berry burst and Tiramisu delight iced teas! Two of the best to quench your thirst!

They don't serve Gluten free pizza, pasta or bread :( but there are some options that'll definitely make up for it!

Reserve a table with Dine out here to get 20% off the total bill!

My favorites: Chicken Piccata

Cost for two: ₹1000(approx.)

Cuisines: Multi-cuisine- Continental, Italian, North Indian, American, Chinese

Menu: Click here


📍Shop No. 48-51, First Floor, Select City Walk Mall

Pushp Vihar, New Delhi, Delhi 110017

This little travelogue café is fully packed on Christmas eve and the Christmas day because of its alluring Xmassy decorations. Ranging from a pretty mistletoe to a tiny little Xmas tree, the entire décor promises to put you into a jolly spirit!

I would suggest to make prior booking.

Their menu is impeccably curated and anything you order is to die for! Their portion sizes are huge so it’s definitely value for money. It has got a warm and cozy vibe along with friendly and cheery staff!

They also have a Gluten free menu and you can customize your own Gluten free pizza and pasta! hehe! Another reason why this café made it to my list!

If you are in Delhi and you are an extremely picky eater and can't seem to find a perfect place to fill in your belly, this adorable eatery is the place for you!

Oh and don't forget to try out their Siam watermelon cooler, a refreshing drink, perfect for this weather!

My favorites: Cremino and Italian Basil

Cost for two: ₹800(approx.) without alcohol

Cuisines: Continental, Asian, Italian

Menu: Click here


📍Shop No 125 GF DLF Promenade Mall

Vasant Kunj, New Delhi, Delhi 110070

Here is yet another one of my favorites. This is a chic and sophisticated restaurant that one should definitely dine at. Also, since the Covid-19 outbreak has made all of us a little extra conscious about our health, this place passes all the sanitization tests. They offer a completely contactless service and dining experience.

I am pretty sure, by now, you know the criterion that a place (to eat) has to pass to qualify to the list of my favorites! XD

YESSSS! This place also offers Gluten free and vegan options! But why is this my absolute favorite?!

Because, usually, the only Gluten free dishes available at most eateries are pasta and pizza, but this place also offers Wheat free Sandwiches and burgers!! Nom nom nom.....

They even have a variety of piquant salads available, perfect for when you wanna have something healthy but also a bit flavorsome!

Reserve a table at Dine out here to get 10% off the total bill!

My favorites: Smoked chicken and Balsamic mayo sandwich

Cost for two: ₹700(approx.) without alcohol

Cuisines: European, American, Italian

Menu: Click here


📍140, Meharchand Market, Lodi Colony

New Delhi, Delhi 110003

This Pan-Asian restaurant is the best option for days when you are really craving some mouth watering hot and spicy Chinese!

Unfortunately, the outlet in Malcha Marg, my favorite location, has been now closed. :(

So, if you wanna have luscious Pan-Asian cuisine, you should drive up till Golf course road, Gurgaon, to their second outlet or there is also an outlet in Meharchand market, Lodhi colony!

I’d prefer the one in Lodhi colony!

They have a cozy ambience, perfect for a comfortable and homely dinner!

Don’t forget to try out their Chicken Aniseed and Beijing Chicken! Yummmyy yummyy yummyyy, get in my tummyy! :*

There are two reasons why I love this place, one, they serve the best Chinese ( I am a sucker for Chinese food) and second, THEY GIVE FORTUNE COOKIES AT THE END!!! :)))

Last time I got “mountains can move, but not your character”!

My favorites: Chicken Aniseed

Cost for two: ₹800(approx.) without alcohol

Cuisines: Pan-Asian- Chinese, Japanese, Thai

Menu: Click here


📍6, Chanakyapuri Shopping Complex, 48

Malcha Marg, New Delhi, Delhi 110021

Are you looking to have a scrumptious North Indian or Mughlai meal?! Lazeez Affaire serves some real good, finger-licking Mughlai dishes.

This is yet another sophisticated eatery located at my favorite place, Chankyapuri. Serving an interesting combination of Indian and fusion cuisines, this venue has become the perfect place for a perfect outing with family and friends.

It has got classy interiors and gentle and friendly staff!

You wouldn’t wanna miss out on their kebabs that are simply made to perfection and will not disappoint your taste buds!

If you looking for a peaceful and homely dinner date, then this is the perfect place for you because it has got a really calming , hush-hush kinda environment.

Use Dine out to make a reservation, to avail a 15% discount off the total bill!

My favorites: Chicken Bharra

Cost for two: ₹2600(approx.) without alcohol

Cuisines: North India, Mughlai

Menu: Click here

A sweet and petite Italian café that promises to delight your taste buds with finger-licking Italian flavors.

Any gourmet in love with the food from all around the world will surely have a biased fondness for Italian cuisine!

Luckily, you can get a taste of all the flavors straight from the Tuscan valley, right here in Delhi, at this rustic café!

This place has got a warm and fuzzy vibe. If you wanna get away from the hustle and bustle of CP, this café can be a perfect little corner to relax your mind.

Or if you simply wanna sip on your favorite cocktail, you can have a vibrant eve at the bar that flaunts the tilework in a navy blue herringbone pattern!

It’s a charming, Tuscan villa-style offering a variety of Italian dishes.

It is deemed to be perfect for any occassion, wheather its a romatic date or a simple hangout with friends or family, because of its romantic yet laid-back ambience!