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7 countries that will pay you to visit them after the Corona virus lockdown!

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Its been a long while since we all took a nice vacation, right?! Miss travelling?! Now, What if i tell you that there are 7 countries that are willing to pay you to visit their country in the post-Covid era!!!

To make things a little sweet for you, here is a list of 7 countries that will pay you to visit them after the Corona-virus lockdown. These 7 countries attempt to lure the tourists by providing outstanding offers and discounts that are just too hard to resist!

The ongoing pandemic has had the worst impact on the tourism industries, with flights grounded and borders closed, many popular tourist destinations are struggling. So, in order to revive this sector, nations are trying their best to entice the tourists with huge discounts and tantalizing schemes.

I am sure after reading this article, you would wanna grab your laptop and start planning your first foreign vacation after the lock down.

After all, we have been caught up inside our house for quite a long time now and its time that we give our spirit, mind and body some peace and calm.......


Italy’s massive tourist industry has plunged down drastically due to the ongoing pandemic. With a complete shutdown for up to 2 months and the ban on foreign travel, this country has been hit in a terrible manner. In order to improve the situation a bit, the Italian island of Sicily is planning to discount half the price of the airfares and subsidize the hotel and resort rates too. It has offered to give one night free in hotels with a purchase of three-night stay. “€75 million have been allocated for the advance purchase by the region of vouchers and cards to be distributed, for promotional purposes, to tourists, once the health emergency has ceased”. the island’s local authority said. This also covers free entry to the museums and archaeological sites. Tourists will be provided with the opportunity to access free guided tours and vouchers that promise to pay for their accommodation. Earlier it was also said that all the plane ticket expenses will be covered but now it has changed and only half the ticket will be paid for! But this is also AN AMAZING DEAL FOR SOMEONE WHO CRAVES TO JUST VISIT THIS BEAUTIFUL ISLAND.

So, what are you waiting for now?! Just book your tickets at discounted prices already!!!!! All these offers and vouchers will be valid till “December 2021”!


The serene Cancun is super hyped to provide a warm welcome to the foreign visitors after the Coronavirus lockdown.

According to the theyucatantimes.com , the association of hotels in Cancun (AHCP) is promoting a “come to cancun 2x1” project. As per this project, you pay for 2 and get one free. Another part of it named “Come to Cancun x2” offers two free nights for every two paid nights. There are also available discounts/ refunds on the air tickets when you travelling with a friend or a companion. There is also a scheme which offers to cover the entire plane ticket but only if you choose to fly with a specific company decided by them! The delicious tacos, pristine sandy beaches and an interesting culture is just a few clicks away- at affordable rates and great incentives! Oh and there is also one another exciting news, social media competitions have also been announced and all my lovely travelers have a chance to win a lifetime travel certificate to Cancun.


Okay, so if you say no to lazying around on gorgeous beaches, sipping on a refreshing cocktail, get tanned and feel the light ocean breeze along with the sounds of the waves and the swaying of the palm trees, you are INSANE. Bulgaria has always been pretty famed for its lovely beaches and rejuvenating vacations. Now, just to make all this a little sweeter, there are offers being provided to attract tourists like us to this ethereal destination, after the lockdown. At Bulgaria’s beaches blessed with the perfect sun and other tourist places, tourists and wanderers will be provided with free sunbeds, sun loungers and tables. How fun will it be to bask in the sun at these sandy beaches and give your body some healthy tan, after being stuck at home for so longgggg!!!


This country offers a unique and a very tempting incentive. No one would hope for such an offer but the Cyprus government is generous enough to look after you and your family. Just like all the other airports, corona tests will be conducted at the Cyprus airport too, if by chance a random visitor tests positive, they will be provided with free health care and their family and friends will be offered free lodging/ accommodation, along with the costs of their food and drink. The cost of their entire trip will be covered. The patient will only have to pay for the taxi ride to the airport and the flight back home, rest all will be taken care of by the Cypriot government. A little confusing, right?! The idea is to provide travelers with financial assurances should they come down with symptoms when visiting.

A 100-bed hospital will cater exclusively to foreign travelers who test positive. Some 112 intensive care units equipped with 200 respirators will be reserved for critically ill patients. A 500-room “quarantine-hotel” will host exclusively the patients’ family members.

Mhmmm all this sounds like a blessing in disguise, no?!


This heavenly destination is yet another country that provides with travel incentives that are too hard to resist! The country’s Prime minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, announced that all the taxes on transportation, including the flights, will be reduced. In a bid to get the tourism sector moving, Greece has been putting rules in line to attract visitors while keeping the number Covid cases low. After effectively mitigating the impact of the pandemic, the country cut the Value added tax (VAT) on all modes of transport from 24% to 13%. I guess now you will be able to cross off Greece from your bucket-list during the pandemic itself, with such generous offers.


Japan revealed that they would be offering significant discounts and vouchers for travel, as part of a plan aimed at boosting tourism post-pandemic.Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has said the swift development of vaccines and effective treatments for Covid-19 are priorities towards achieving the Tokyo Olympics next year. Mr Abe said recovery from the coronavirus pandemic only in Japan would not be enough to hold the Games, because it involves spectators and athletes from around the world.

The Japanese have planned an investment outlay of £10.2 billion worth incentives that they will offer to anyone visiting the country for a holiday, provided that the COVID-19 infection rate starts falling.

However, this piece of information is still under review by the authorities and should be made available to international tourists soon. However, a resort in Nagano took to Facebook to announce that the country’s 99.9% tourism has been affected in April 2019 to April 2020 time frame and the Japanese Government is thinking of a scheme soon. The country has been considering reopening its borders to travelers from selected countries that have low levels of coronavirus infections.

So, when are you visiting Japan?!


The USA high-roller capital of Las Vegas is looking to reopen this month, and one hotel CEO and developer is encouraging visitors in a unique way. Derek Stevens, who owns hotel-casinos the D Las Vegas and the Golden Gate, announced a giveaway of 1,000 free flights to Las Vegas.

“As we begin to reopen our doors across the city, we are proud to help reinvigorate travel to Las Vegas while supporting airlines in America impacted by the COVID-19 crisis,” Stevens said in the announcement. “We can’t wait to safely bring visitors to the city and remind them why we’ve earned the title of ‘Entertainment Capital of the World.’ And while we’d love for visitors to stop by Downtown Las Vegas, we primarily want to get people back to Las Vegas to experience the attractions and amenities that make it one of the greatest places on Earth.”

So which one of these countries are you visiting first?!