• Vanshika

4 Spooky days in the heart of Europe, Prague!

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Heya! Hope you are having a lovely day and since you are here, reading this post, I am assuming that you are in one of those spooky moods, where you feel like planning a trip filled with scary and mystical stuff. Here is a really spooky 4-day journey plan in Prague! There is at least 1 spooky tour or visit each day alongside of exploring some other mesmerizing places in this alluring city!


1) Dark shadows of old town - This is a unique night walking tour in Staré Město, the Old Town.


  • A Storyteller in accurate historical gothic attire

  • The alleys and squares of Old Town and their foreboding

  • Tales of cruelty and the ghosts these left in their wake

  • The remnants and legends of the old Jewish Town

  • The less-traveled routes

Visit here for more info.!

2) The Iron Knight at City Hall - There is a gruesome story behind the statue of the Iron knight at the city hall. He was very well-known for his short-tempered personality. The legend goes like that he was tricked into believing, by his enemies, that while he was away, his fiance was unfaithful to him. he ended of killing her innocent fiance and the dying woman (she was a black-smith's daughter) cursed him and turned him into a statue. He only gets freed every 100 years when a young woman kisses him.

3) Ghosbusters- Night mystical Prague - "When Prague falls asleep, its haunted past comes to life…" ----- visit here for more.

4) Ghostly walking tour - Choose any one of the walking tours from here!

Hope you have an eerie yet a mystical trip to Prague!

Much love!