• Vanshika

4 Great novels to read on plane!

Are you a bibliophile?! Are you one of those people who can't imagine catching your next flight without having something to read?! If yes, then this post is definitely for you! Even if you aren't one of those people, but enjoy reading books, I will say, do give this post a read!

Here, I have listed four of the most interesting and intriguing books that will make your flight seem short. These books will open your mind and encourage you to think. These are the best picks this summer! I'm pretty sure that after reading this post you'll not take another second to make some space for these four books in your rucksack.


by Rainbow Rowell

Fangirl is a beautiful novel written by the New York Times bestseller author of the book Eleanor and Park. This novel revolves around Cath and Wren. Cath and Wren have been huge fans of the Simon Snow novels since they were little, writing fan fictions and dressing like the characters but now Wren is ready to leave behind all of this as they are approaching towards college, but will Cath be able to leave it all behind and start her new life in college without Wren who has always been an integral part of Cath’s life.


What I liked the most about Fangirl is that the book revolves around an introvert girl and not her cool and extrovert sister. The novel does not only talk about love but also makes you realize the worth of having a family and make you realize how important it is to have the support of your family always.

The book is perfect for all the people who love to read and write and are fans of some cute romantic novels. This novel compels you to embrace your nerdy side. The novel is for young adults and for the people who are fascinated by college life and college rom-coms. In all, this book is a must read!!


by Dan Brown

This book is written by Dan brown, the author of the famous book, The Da Vinci code. The book starts with the murder of a scientist at a Swiss Research Facility. Robert Langdon, a renowned symbologist at Harvard University is called to encrypt the code written on the dead body of the scientist. The code written leads them to a very old and forgotten underground organization the Illuminati. Now the question arises are they back to destroy the church?

What are they up to now and how many more deaths are going to happen at the Vatican?

How many dark secrets does the Sacred church hold?


The book tells us about the underground and forgotten society of scientists, The Illuminati, and their motives to destroy the sacred city of the Vatican, the hold of the church over the world and people.

The book is perfect for all the people who love to read nail biting thrillers and want to know about the secrets that the largest religious community of this world holds. This book also tells you about the works of the world’s most famous scientists.

So whoever is interested in reading about the mixture of science and religion this book can be “THE BOOK” for them.


by Harper Lee

This old American classic is written by Harper Lee. The book is about a child’s view of race, cruelty, kindness, love and hatred. The Story takes place within a small and remote village of south Alabama where two kids Jem and Scout live with their widower father, Atticus, who is lawyer. Their lives are right on track until Atticus is asked to fight the case of a negro who is held for the rape of a white girl. The book takes a turn when the kids and their father are subjected to a lot of criticism by the people of the village because of Atticus’s support to the negro.

The book revolves around Jem and Scout and how they look at the problem of racial discrimination in native South America.


The book is perfect for the people who like to read old classics and like to read books that revolve around serious problems that are present in our society. This book gives you a magnified look into the lives of the people in South America and also compels you to think about them in a different way, from a child’s perspective. The book deeply touches and moves you. The book is a must for all the people who like to read books filled with content that compels them to go to the depths of a situation. This book is for someone who has a keen interest in law.


by Paulo Coelho

The Alchemist is a novel by a very renowned Brazilian author, Paulo Coelho. The novel revolves around a small town shepherd boy, Santiago, who once had a dream about a treasure. The search of Santiago for the treasure leads him to many different places and also to many different people. Santiago’s search teaches him the wisdom that one has in one’s heart. It also teaches him about the true meaning of life and how the whole Universe is responsible for whatever happens in our lives. The journey teaches him the ways of listening to the omens at each step to reach ones purpose and destination.


The book is slightly intellectual and is for the people in their early twenties. The book is perfect for the people who like to read books that are different and have a hidden and a very deep meaning. The book tells you to always listen to your heart and also tells you how powerful the whole universe is. The book has a very different and intellectual concept and wants its readers to think deeper and deeper. This bestseller masterpiece of Paulo Coelho is a must read for all those who like to engage in critical analysis.

Happy reading!