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10 Places to travel to next summer with your gal pals!

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Looking for ways to just break the monotony of life?

Trying to figure out ways to calm yourselves and relax for a bit with your girlfriends?

Well, one of the best ways to do that is TRAVEL!

I am pretty sure these 10 places will lead you to just grab your passport, pack your stuff, catch a flight and just chill with your girl pals in far off destinations, places you will definitely wanna explore, which will help you rejuvenate and relax yourselves.


The most popular destination of the Caribbean, not to mention, one of the happiest as well, is a great place to visit with your girls. Place where you’ll find the best weather to just chill out on the serene beaches with crystal clear waters. You can also chill out at the beach with the beautiful Flamingos dancing around you! A place which will help you to get into the vacation groove. You get to totally pamper yourself here, as you and your girls can get the best spas in here. Check out some of the great spas and salons in Aruba here. And later you can also enjoy sunbathing while sipping on your favorite cocktail or a smoothie by the beach.

For the ones looking for a bit of adventure and thrill, there are numerous activities including Reef diving, SS Antilla (largest shipwreck dive in the Caribbean Sea), wind surfing, kite surfing, jet skiing and a lot more!

You get to discover the interesting aspects of Aruba’s history, walk around the corridors of the fort Zoutman, revel in the natural pool known as ‘Cura di tortuga’ and also wine and dine with your girls and enjoy the night life of Aruba. Visit Aruba- a place where you get the perfect weather, beaches to let the sun kiss your skin and get tanned, clear waters, friendly locals and BINGO- attractive prices!


Stunning accommodation is one of the reasons why you should visit Bali. Starting from lavish resorts with private beaches and over water villas to affordable stays with infinity pools, creating just the dreamlike destination you need for the photos for your Insta page. Not just that, but also the divine beaches with clean and clear Seas and the most amazing over the water swings.

Explore the land and get to know the traditions and culture of Bali- Everywhere you go, you’ll find amazingly created temples set in unusual locations.

Go and spend time with the nature and wildlife to find peace among the greens in Bali, Monkey forest Ubud is a great tourist attraction, where you can hear the birds singing to you. Wildlife extends to the Ocean as well, with some of the most beautiful sea creatures found in the waters in Bali. For the intrepid souls, there is hiking, mountaineering and surfing along the waves.

There is so much beauty, culture and warmth here in Bali for you and you girl gang!!

Visit here to find some of the best stays in Bali.

3. Santorini, Greece

Santorini or Thira is one of the magical places in the world. Famous for the traditional white volcano cave homes and iconic blue rooftops, Santorini, Greece is a must in your bucket list. If your group wants to enjoy both scenic beauty and a bit of adventure and thrill then the best place to stay in Santorini is the picturesque town called Oia.

Now if you are anything like me and by that I mean, kind of a shopaholic and one who loves to buy gifts for their loved ones from the places they visit, then this is just the place for you. It is a great place to buy wooden art pieces from, tomato seeds, donkey milk products, volcanic scrub stones, olive oil, leather products and a lot more. Of course not to forget, you can also try wine tasting and cooking in Santorini.

Oh and the one thing Santorini is actually famous for are it’s mesmerizing sunsets. To give just the perfect end to a fun and relaxing day, one can go to one of the best places in Santorini for watching the beautiful sunset.

So pack your stuff and plan your next girls getaway to Santorini!!


Famous for two things: food and beauty, I am sure Italy is already a part of your bucket list. This small European country has endless reasons to visit. Lets start with the thing that tempts all of us the most, THE FOOD, well I don’t think I need to say much about the Italian cuisine, it is the most famous and appreciated cuisine all across the Globe. As you travel across this tiny country, you’ll get the chance to try out many new flavours, recipes, ingredients, CHEESE, sauces, dips, oregano and what not!! And did I just forget to mention the desserts; cakes, pastries and cookies, they might vary from season to season, and you’ll get the best of desserts there during the holiday season but summer too isn’t a bad time to try out the famous confectioneries in Florence. Also you can get a chance to bake your own cake!! Visit here to fill your stomach up in Italy with a sumptuous meal.

How can I forget that Italy is also the fashion hub!! You’ll find all sorts of brands there for clothing, accessories and homeware furniture. You’ll find all the famous brands including Gucci, Armani, Dolce & Gabbana or Valentino, to names that are more popular in Italy like Germano Zama, Marella, or even Sandro Ferrone, for clothes, or Nero Giardini for shoes, going window shopping in Italy can give you a headache. Who wouldn’t love to go to one of those fashion shows in Milan.

You wouldn’t wanna miss on catching the glimpse of some of the most beautiful architectural designs in the world in Venice, Rome, Florence, all of Italy!! You will find some of the masterpieces there- paintings, sculptures, palaces and churches.

You get an entire package, your dream vacation, a place that can be very friendly for your social media accounts, with perfect food, history, vibrant culture, stunning festivals and carnivals, style, fashion, art and architecture, natural landscapes, beauty- has it all!! Well, don’t you wanna just get on a plane to Italy with your girlfriends!!


Who said that Paris is just for couples, sure it’s the city of love but who said you gotta have a boyfriend to visit Paris!! All you need is your passport and your BFF! You could also take a solo trip to paris!

Often dubbed as the city of lights and the fashion capital, it is home to the world’s most finest and most luxurious fashion designers and cosmetics, such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dior, Yves Saint-Laurent, Guerlain, Lancôme, L'Oréal, Clarins, etc.

Who would wanna miss the iconic landmarks including the Notre Dame cathedral, the Eiffel Tower, le Louvre museum, Moulin Rouge and Lido.

Another luring reason to visit Paris are the Parisian cafés and brasseries, the café culture in France can be very enchanting. Here you can spend time chatting with your bestie, while sipping on your favourite cup of coffee, or you can also try some of the new flavours in some of the most fascinating cafés in the world, which will definitely lead you to ask for some more. Visit here to check out some of the most adorable cafés in Paris that you cannot afford to miss!

If you and your girls are fans of art and history, you can bless your eyes at Le Louvre, Notre Dame Cathedral and Champs Elysees.

Here you’ll find some of the most captivating, ethereal and tranquil paintings, graphic arts, oriental antiquities, Roman and Greek Art and a lot more.

The best way to give a great ending to a day full of exploring the city and also to get an amazing and attractive view of the “city of lights”, is to go on a dinner cruise at the Seine river. You can find some of the best dinner cruises to watch the sunset here.

Started planning the girls trip to Paris already??

Bon Voyage!!


If Split already isn’t a part of your bucket list then I guarantee you it’ll become a part now!!

Split is much loved by female visitors. It has it all- theatre and cinema, markets, museums, enchanting Cathedrals and palaces, sandy beaches, night clubs and pubs, wildlife and nature, sailing tours, you name it and Split has it!! Oh and another interesting fact for the ones who are die hard fans of the series GAME OF THRONES(GOT), IT WAS FILMED HERE!! You can walk the streets of Meereen and Braavos and admire the amazing architecture and little streets that can also be seen in Game of Thrones!

One of the reasons to surely visit Split is its numerous beautiful and calming islands like Hvar, Brac and Korcula.

Spend your time by taking a soothing stroll in the gardens of the Diocletian palace, one of the most important architectural heritage of the Roman Empire and exploring some of the highest cathedrals. You’ll find beaches of all kinds- sandy, rocky and gravel. Split has beaches with some of the warmest and shallow waters. If you are NOT a fan of crowded places and parties, and searching for a place to relax in solitude then Split has that for you too at beaches like Jezinac Beach and Kastlet, a beautiful pebble beach just a few mins away from the Jezinac.

Here you’ll also find some luxury accommodations for a relaxing girly weekend getaway. They also provide you with cheap sunbeds or sometimes even free in these isolated shores.

After a tiring day full of exploring the city, you’ll feel elated to discover that you won’t have to struggle for locating a good bar or a restaurant to drink and dine. Here are some of the most amazing restaurants you’ll find in Split.

So what ya thinking??

Book you flights now!!


Planning your next girls’ trip? Not able to decide where to go?

Maybe I can help a lil….

LISBON! Go to Portugal.

I can’t find any reason why you should not go there with your girl pals. The capital city of Portugal, Lisbon, is one of the very quaint and calming cities in the world. One of the most exciting things about travelling to Lisbon is that you get to stay in a palace, yes, you read it right, STAY IN A PALACE!! You’ll find some of the most tranquil palaces here in Lisbon, which date back to the 15th century, where you can have a relaxing stay and feel like a princess with your own castle. Find some of the most stunning and ethereal castle and palace hotels to stay in Lisbon, here!

A must visit for coffee lovers!! The ones who cannot just start their day without the perfect cup of coffee, this is the perfect place for you because the Portuguese people love coffee, here you’ll be able to try different varieties of coffee and also along with your favourite cup of drink, you can also find some of the best baked croissants in the pastelarias and cafés in Lisbon. You’ll find the best coffee in Portugal and might as well wanna pack some in your suitcase.

A tailor-made destination for all the bibliophiles out there. Here you’ll find some of the most beautiful libraries. Click here to check out some of the most famous libraries in Lisbon.

You can take a day trip with your girl pals exploring the city, going to some of the most famous palaces, try out new dishes at some of the local restaurants, shop souvenirs, stroll around in the streets and let the breeze nourish your hair, visit gardens, and also find some of the most stunning bars; spirited, cozy, dark, casual, fun and approachable, where you can simply chill with your friends while sipping on your favourite drink. You can also groove to the music beats and shake your body at some of the dance clubs here.


One of the most visited cities in the world is Bangkok. Famous for it's night markets like the Friday chatuchak night market, pratunam, palladium market, khao san, indy market and so many more, you can’t stop yourself from spending a few Thai Baht on some of the most amazing clothes available to you at cheap prices, electronics and showpieces , bags and a lot more.

One another thing Bangkok is well-known for is it's street food, if you are a great fan of sea food and the Thai cuisine then Bangkok is a paradise for you.

The best place to shop cosmetics as well. It is like the actual SHOPPING PARADISE, you will have to keep at least 2-3 spare suitcases, if you are anything like me, to keep all the stuff you bought from the night markets and the famous malls in Bangkok.

You would not wanna miss the chance of experiencing the sea world and meet some of the most beautiful sea creatures at the SEA life Bangkok Ocean world. They also show you a 4D movie there, which is a fun half an hour experience. The floating market of Bangkok is yet another intriguing tourist attraction and you won’t find a market like this anywhere else in the whole of Southeast Asia.

The perfect getaway would be incomplete without taking the world famous Thai massage and scrub and pamper yourself in the Thai salons with your girl pals, and come out feeling refreshed and relaxed. If you want to get the luxury feeling in Bangkok then you definitely should try out the most gorgeous and heavenly Sky bars and restaurants. You can also enjoy morning strolls or hire a bicycle and race through the tracks of the famous and luscious gardens. Do not forget to take one of the dinner cruises and visit the Wat Arun temple, often dubbed as the temple of dawn, to view the amazing lightings and the blissful sunset.

From Bangkok you can also take a 2-3 days trip to either Pattaya or Phuket. Thailand has got some of the most alluring, divine and crystal clear beaches!!


Dublin is home to some of the most exquisite and glorious museums in Europe. Kilmainham gaol and Guinness storehouse are some of the best museums to visit to give a perfect start to your vacay in Dublin.

The Irish whiskey museum is another cool tourist attraction in Dublin that you won’t be able to miss visiting.

Mouth-watering chocolates moulded into different shapes and sizes look so appealing and attractive that you won’t mind gaining a few pounds while on your trip to some the most famous working chocolate factories. You’ll be able to have a taste of all kinds of chocolates, even the very famous liquor chocolates in these factories and some of the local bakeries too! Here you’ll find some of the best chocolate experiences in Dublin.

If you are someone who is fascinated by new kinds of drinks and likes to taste liquor coming from distant lands, you’ll find the best whiskey shops in Dublin. They also let you try all sorts of liquor and enlighten you on how they are made.

Spend the day exploring the city and its breathtaking designs, art and galleries, museums, theatre, pubs, live music, shopping and what not.

You can try out the world’s most luxurious cruises here in Dublin.

After you are done exploring the city, do not forget to surely take a 5-10 night cruise to Rekjavik or Barcelona or Belfast.

Castles and cathedrals, without which Europe’s heritage is incomplete, you can also visit these entrancing and paradisiacal structures.

Seas too!! Who doesn’t love to sunbathe in solace at some of the most divine beaches…. You can do that as well, just a few mins walk from the city center and then hop on the bus and it’ll take you to one of the coastal towns near the capital.


Great package deals are available for a short trip to this small island nation, situated in the Caribbean Sea. You’ll find this to be your perfect short trip destination, it has got friendly locals, who will always greet and welcome you with a warm smile on their beautiful faces. This tiny island country has got it all- delicious and finger-licking food, heavenly beaches and a great history. It is home to some of the most talented creatures like Usain Bolt, Bob Marley and Reggae Music.

Place where you’ll not have to search for solitude, because most of the divine beaches in Jamaica are less crowded, with free sunbeds available to you over the clean white sands and crystal clear waters. The sand is often surrounded by lush green forests and you can hear the birds singing, on one side and by the blue Caribbean Sea on the other. You can find some of the beachfront resorts and villas in Jamaica here.

All you need to do in Jamaica to enjoy the tropical warm weather is to throw on your bathing suit and just relax with a smoothie or a tropical mocktail, and maybe splash in the clear waters for a while and soak yourself up in the sun.

How can one not party when in Jamaica and especially with your girl gang, don’t miss the live music shows famous there and the nocturnal beach parties.

Can’t spend too much time by the beach?

Well, no problem – enjoy a short rafting session in the river Brae, dive in the lagoon to meet some of the most beautiful sea creatures under the waves, snorkel or even swim with the sea horses.

Go to visit the must go to luminous lagoon and enjoy the blissful and thrilling experience of swimming in the glistening waters. This natural luminous phenomenon is said to happen only in three places in the entire world!

Take a day trip to the mountains and trek. Stay the night in a cozy cottage at the hill top and enjoy the view from the top!

Go to Jamaica and experience it all!

¡ Buen viaje !

Much love!!