Wanna know me a bit?!  

Heya! I am Vanshika!

Since you are on this page, I am assuming that you and I are not acquainted and therefore, I would like you to know a little about me. I am 18 years old.

I am Celiac, allergic to gluten (it's a protein found in cereal grains). I was diagnosed with this allergy in 2004 and have been living a gluten-free life since then!

As you would have already guessed, I am very passionate about travelling.

Well, I am actually very enthusiastic about exploring and, all that travel involves, is exploring! 

Lately, I have kept myself engaged with a few short photography courses and a Spanish language course.

Also, you must know that I am getting pretty good at it!


Other things that I am into are dancing, listening to music and creating stuff. 

Oh and BTW, you can access my (Let's fly away) Spotify playlist , I have linked it in here!


I wish to use my skills and make myself and others happy! 

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